Mike Derrick- “Keighley Heights “

We were so excited to listen to the new single “Keighley Heights from San Francisco based and U.K born Pop-rock singer-songwriter Mike Derrick.

At first listen “Keighley -Heights has this real dream pop feel to it .The tones and melodies are very lush and vibrant. Mike Derrick’s vocals have a very retro feel to them and come alive with vivid and vibrant melodies.

New single, Keighley Heights, is emotional and evocative soulful pop-rock that captures coming-of-age anxiety. It’s a portal back to a time when Mike was in his early-20s in college in Manchester, and he and his buddies went on a weekend trip to a quaint little English town in Yorkshire called Keighley. It was a magical getaway where the guys enjoyed hikes, rope swings, and breathtaking nature. These were moments of carefree young adultness, but, at the same time, they were haunted by fears of the future. “I wasn’t putting in the work with my studies, and I was worried about flunking out of the university. There was this joy of being with my friends, and this pit in my stomach because I worried I was going to be a failure in life,” Mike recalls. He frames this time with poetic insightfulness, especially when he sings: It didn’t help much, superior education/We misunderstood reality/The stakes were higher for that special creation/That was the heights of Keighley.

You can listen to Keighley Heights on Spotify

We can’t wait to hear more Mike Derrick .

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