Dr. Mary’s Monkey “(She Said) This Girl Is Free”

We recently checked out the new single from New Orleans mod rock/brit pop band DR. MARY’S MONKEY “(She Said) This Girl is Free”

We fell hard immediately for “(She Said) This Girl is Free” It was love at first listen. DR. MARY’S MONKEY “ is everything that music should be. The band is based around the songs of singer-songwriter Shawn Gwin nicknamed “The Sage” by his band and producers . The four-piece band is Sage, guitar, vocals; Robin Sherman, bass, vocals; Yàno, keys, vocals; and David Shirley drums, vocals; plus special studio guests.

Dr. Mary’s Monkey’s single, (She Said) This Girl Is Free, is unabashed Motown-meets-Beatles pop-rock. It features a whistled melodic motif, a slowly simmering groove, and a sweetly sincere musical sentimentality that recalls classic soul. “It’s just another love song, an amalgam of dating stories from both myself and others along with some playful anecdotes,” Sage reveals. The lyrics feature wry twists on popular sentiments, and one choice passage reads: Now listen baby: I’ve been runnin’ around in the pourin’ rain / ‘Cause the last thing in this world I need’s a ball and chain / Oh I never thought I’d meet anyone like you in a million years / But you’re the only woman that I’ve ever found / That still can make me feel free.

When we listen to (“She Said ) This Girl is Free” We hear a vibrant, soulful and flavorful song that is just ready to bust out. If this song was a food dish we’d picture a big old plate of Jambalaya.

You can listen to (“She Said) This Girl is Free” on SoundCloud Here and on Spotify Here

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