The Western Civilization- “Bible Verses For Kids”

We had the honor and privilege of checking out Austin indie rockers The Western Civilization and their first new single/video in 15 years “Bible Verses For Kids”

Religion can be a tough thing to cover but Rachel Hansbro half of the principle songwriting duo behind Austin indie rock The Western Civilization along with Reggie O’Farrell tackle the subject head on . There is a strong sense of honesty in this song that is so raw and real . Hansbro does not beat around the bush on how an endless pursuit in trying to please God can unravel a sense of identity, particularly when it comes to gender roles. That pressure can take up a lot of space in one’s mind, communicated on the track by the use of a whirring drone sound. Both infect the brain, pervasive in their inescapable natures. The drumming pounds almost relentlessly, furthering this incessant type of presence.

We often talk about how certain songs are important and need to be heard “Bible Verses For Kids is absolutely one of those songs .

You can listen to “ Bible Verses For Kids “ on Spotify You can also watch the video below .

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