Ex-Members of Culture Abuse Form New Band M.U.T.T. 9 Track Album ‘Bad To The Bone’ Out Now…. Come Find out Why you need to Listen To This Record!

We were beyond pleased to check out the absolutely killer new record “Bad To The Bone” from new band M.U.T.T. featuring former members of Culture Abuse (John Jr,Shane Plitt,Matt Walker ) and Dead To Me’s Isa Knife.

After Culture Abuse dissolved John Jr. was unsure in what his next direction should be .

But after sending some home recordings to fellow Culture Abuse alum Matt Walker, the ghost of an idea began to take shape. At Walker’s behest, Junior booked time at Jack Shirley’s Atomic Garden Studios. In need of extra hands to fill out the lineup of a quickly emerging full-fledged band, Junior reached out to two more former Culture Abuse bandmates, Isa Anderson and Shane Plitt. In short order, a lo-fi bedroom project had morphed into a fully realized group, eager to move on from the shared trauma of their previous band’s dissolution. Thus emerged M.U.T.T. You can listen to “Bad To The Bone “ Here

I’ll speak for music fans everywhere, when I say we are more than glad John jr. Put together M.U.T.T. -“Bad To The Bone” is hands down one of the best 17 Minutes and 5 seconds you will ever spend listening to music .

Think we’re crazy? We might be..but honestly If you like your music fast and loud then M.U.T.T. and “Bad To The Bone” ✔️ all the boxes. FAST✔️ Melodic ✔️ Loud ✔️ Sonically Explosive ✔️

From the moment you hear the feedback on I Don’t Wanna “ you can tell that this record is going to be spectacular. Crushing drums , Sonic guitar and perfect vocals M.U.T.T. gets you amp’d up from song one .

We loved the melody on Born To Raise Hell” the song is mega catchy . We may or may not have had our windows down screaming the chorus.

“ Take it Easy “ comes in with breakneck speed we were once again drawn in by its sing a long quality of this one .

The title track “Bad To The Bone “ is a loud thunderous punk anthem so explosive it could double as a fireworks display on the 4th of July .

It is beyond perfect that M.U.T.T. has a song on this record called “Thee Party Song” because the whole record feels like a party that has shifted into overdrive .

Our favorite track on “Bad To The Bone “ is the insanely catchy “High with You “ the song has a great infectious melody to it. We felt a little New York Dolls vibe on this one and the band flat out slays this song .

we love the guitar intro on “Cruisin’” The song has a very Ramones feel to it . We found ourselves hitting repeat several times on this one .

The thing that really sticks with you when you listen to M.U.T.T. Is how genuine and authentic their sound is . It‘s raw and real emotion and you can feel on every track on “Bad To The Bone” but we felt the last two tracks “Whirl” and “Partners In Crime” really show the true grit of M.U.T.T.

Do your self a solid and check out M.U.T.T. and their absolute punk masterpiece “Bad To The Bone” on out on Quiet Panic now


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