Your Wednesday Just Got Better… Cade Hoppe Shares New Video For “Faded Love”

Normally all we have to look forward to on Wednesday is the Meatloaf special in the building Cafe . But, NOT TODAY! Today we are beyond thrilled to check out the new video from the always stellar Indie-Pop singer and songwriter Cade Hoppe for his new single “Faded Love”

We were big fans of the song and now we have a video….. I told you it was a good day .

The concept for the video, which was self-directed by Cade, was inspired by one of his favorite lyrics from the song: I’ll put ‘Hot Fuss’ vinyl on / We’ll scream the words to every song again.” The video sees Cade strolling around New York City, stopping in record stores. Just like how the song grapples with whether to pursue an old flame, the music video follows Cade on his journey to find a record from his past. Will he find it again or will it remain a remnant of the past?

Cade Hoppe is a talented singer songwriter who’s future has no limits.

You can check out “Faded Love” below and you can listen to “Faded Love” Here

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