Photo Credit – Bill Cardella

We are a week away from Philly pop-punk band Goalkeeper unveiling their debut LP “I wish I met you sooner “ via Lost Music Collective/The Orchard .(We can’t wait,a week is a long time) Today we got a treat as the band has released a video for the third single “Lost Reality “ which features Nik Bruzzese from Man Overboard.

Produced by Kevin Mahoney (Hit the Lights & Joywave) and Nik Bruzzese (Man Overboard), this song was recorded at The Gradwell House. “Lost Reality” resulted from a crucial co-writing session with Bruzzese that ultimately made him and Gradwell House the obvious choice for Goalkeeper’s first LP.

“We worked hard to push Lost Reality in a way where we give the listener a lot of energy and a deeper look within some of the darker emotions we experience. We were lucky to co-write & feature Nik Bruzzese (Man Overboard) on the track which makes us excited that this is the third & last single. We wanted to push our musical ability to manifest pop-punk energy from raw emotion. ‘Lost Reality’ culminates the frustration paired with the ineptitude to move on.” – Marc Juliano (Guitar)

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