Goldpark Releases Spectacular Sophomore EP, “Goldpark 2”

Your Friday got a little bit cooler as Nashville based indie rock trio Goldpark has released their sophomore EP “Goldpark 2”

You can listen to “Goldpark 2” Here

This is a bright and vibrant EP that absolutely sparkles. Goldpark have the amazing ability to not only write great songs but, they craft songs that paint vivid bright images that are musical messages of pure joy that make you forget about the day to day grind .

The opening track “I Guess it’s Never Enough “ Is the perfect “Roll the windows down and drive” song If this song doesn’t get you moving I would check your pulse.

“Lady Lightyear” just jumps out of the speakers and comes to life . We love the line “Gravity just burst into color , Feel the Heartbeat louder than thunder “

If That’s What You” Is a stunning and beautiful song . The vocal on this track is absolutely breathtaking. We found ourselves listening to this one on repeat…. Just brilliant.

“Covered In Sunshine “ is a spectacular pop song that has all the feels . Goldpark has crafted an absolute gem with this track . We may or may not have air drummed to this one several times.

The final track “Summer In My Head” has a beautiful cinematic/ symphonic feel to it that makes it such a wonderful experience to listen to. Goldpark absolutely closed out the EP with class and style .

In a statement about the EP, Goldpark write: “This EP is special for so many reasons. We had the right songs, the right producer (Jeremy Lutito), and the right spirit. This body of work is the best representation of who we are and where we are going. We hope this EP makes people smile.”

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