The Whole Kameese Playlist For October 16 – October 22nd

We listened to some amazing music this week and we added 16 more songs to our October Playlist check below to see who we added this week. Playlist is at end of post.

First up is MxPx with their catchy new single “Unstoppable. Because is there anyone more “Unstoppable” than MxPx?

Next up from the UK is Darko with “Quiet” of their newly released spectacular new EP “Sparkle” If your wondering what top shelf grade A Rock sounds like look no further than Darko

KTJ&Carly gives us their electrifying new single “Nice Guy But, “ This song is super charged and hits like a lighting bolt.

Goldpark gives us the absolutely stunning “Lady Lightyear “ off of their equally stunning new sophomore EP “Goldpark2

“Ghosted You” from from queer synth pop sensation Plasmic is absolutely amazing. We love the 80’s vibe on this one .

“Have You Ever?” from Urban Heat featuring Party Nails is the perfect song for a dance party we love the new wave feel

sunsetto Hits just the right speed with his electric new vibe “Too Fast”

Crash Monkeys come at you like a speeding locomotive with their single “Sugar” this song is too sweet to miss it

Ari Hicks gives the hauntingly beautiful “Sad Ghost” your in for a treat with this incredible track.

Cade Hoppe gives us the magnificent “Faded Love” you will be hitting repeat on this one .. trust us .

Vancouver punk rock 4-piece Rest Easy(consisting of members of Daggermouthand Shook Ones) have this incredible energy about them that is simply electric. Check out “On The Outside “

It is beyond perfect that M.U.T.T. has a song called “Thee Party Song” This song rocks

KULICK is a versatile authentic artist who proves it with the stripped down version of “Everyone I Know Will Die .

Grade 2 hit like a rocket on it’s way to the moon and they won’t stop there make sure you check out “Brassic” like right now !

Bay Area based Greyed Out who feature four former members of This Time Next Year has a well tuned melodic sound that is absolutely mesmerizing. We are over the moon about “Broken Like An Arrow “

Baltimore’s Dosser have unleashed an absolutely sonic masterpiece with their latest single “Kids”

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