Today Xondra gives a great gift as she releases the new single “Tedious” from her much anticipated EP, Tedious & Brief, out this Friday, November 4th.

Following the stunning released singles “Inner Child and “Dead Girl “ Xondra once again gives us a spectacular track , this time in the form of “Tedious” which, is an emotionally charged ballad about finding the strength to reclaim your time, energy and love. “It is a song for the people that love so much and so hard that they sometimes forget to save some for themselves; it is for those learning to step out of survival mode and really live in the present,” says Xondra. “’Tedious’ is me putting myself first. It is me allowing myself to to walk through the hard feelings I was having and still be hopeful that good times were coming down the road for me.”

We found “Tedious” to be an incredibly honest, beautiful and heartfelt song that Xondra delivers straight from her heart.

With the release of her debut EP, Tedious & Brief, out this Friday, Xondra opens up her world for listeners to find comfort and understanding in. Blending elements of pop, rock, R&B and indie-pop, her music explores feminist themes with heartbreakingly honest delivery. Across the six tracks that make up the record, Xondra shares her experience of being a woman trying to survive in a man’s world. “I wrote this story for all of the people who have been hurt by the people who were supposed to love and keep you safe,” she says. “I wrote Tedious & Brief for all the people learning to speak up even if their voice trembles

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