Marcyline “The Clearing”

We were honored to check out the new single “The Clearing” by NYC-based experimental solo artist project, Marcyline.

We found Marcyline to be hauntingly intriguing as the music had a welcome sense of dark mystery.

Marcyline is the well crafted solo project of singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Chris Paraggio

The first single “The Clearing” is off the upcoming album “Treegiver” out on February 3rd which was produced by Chris and co-produced by close friend Drew Stier

You can listen to “The Clearing “ on Spotify and on Apple Music

Live, these songs are brought to full vibrancy by Chris on guitar and vocals; John Baggetta on guitar and backup vocals; Drew Schlingman on bass and backup vocals; Stephen Papa on keyboards and noise; and Trevor Jones on drums.

The Clearing, is a bracing dose of cryptic and claustrophobic experimental indie rock imaginatively arranged and coawith ethereal textures. The song is inspired by a ghostly and winter woodland encountered on a bizarre late-night walk. Story goes that the pair found a path in the woods that led to a strange circular open area that looked and felt liminal and unnerving.

Chris , comments about “The Clearing “

“The Clearing” was one of the first songs lyrically developed for the project and set the tone for the feel of the project. Some of its words were written as the song was recorded with Chris preferring to improvise so as to stay close to the emotions and feelings he was experienced during his and Drew’s spooky stroll. The opening lines here are juicy and scene-setting, Chris sings: Last night my brand new best friend asked if I was up for a little walk she said I wanna go to the overpass at night I wanna live somewhere that’s safe/We went to go there is someone behind me there’s someone on my left there is something behind me/And as the camera swings around for the wide shot I’m stuck being ground to dust. Chris says: “Those words capture a moment where I was extremely tired and paranoid, and was pretty consistently feeling a strangely intense fear of something watching me or being right behind me.”

We found ourselves entranced by the mystical beauty of “The Clearing “ This is an artist and a song that you must experience.

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