Malachi Gagnon Delivers a Well Crafted Gem of A Song with “ On My Mind “

We checked out Tampa,FL based viral pop artist Malachi Gagnon and his new single “On My Mind”

You can stream “On My Mind” Here

Malachi had this to say about “On My Mind” “If you’ve ever had a hard time moving on from someone because their memory continues to fill your thoughts, this song is for you!”

Hailing from a small town in New Hampshire, the Florida singer-songwriter is unveiling “Without You,” an impassioned ballad in which Malachi shares his feelings for a girl he never wants to leave. For Malachi, it’s the logical follow up to his two break-up songs, “Craving Me” and “Psychopath.”

“I had written two break-up songs so I thought I should put out a love song, so people don’t think I’m a morbid singer,” he says with a laugh. “It’s a cool representation of the pain you feel when you don’t want to lose somebody who you love. I think all of us feel that way. It relates to a very broad group of people.”

Malachi has announced a live performance at Tampa’s Crowbar on Sunday, December 18th. Tickets are now available here.

Malachi Gagnon is a gifted musical talent who is wise beyond his 15 years . A debut EP is due soon. We can’t wait to see what he’ll do next

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