Sic Waiting Delivers An Absolute Melodic Masterpiece with Their New LP “ A Fine Hill To Die On “ via Thousand Island Records

We were beyond stoked to check out the brand new record “A Fine Hill To Die On” from Oceanside CA band Sic Waiting.

You can listen to “A Fine Hill to Die On “ on Spotify and on Apple Music

Sic Waiting was formed in 2000 by Jared Stinson. Over the course of the decades they’ve released multiple albums and EP’s and are back with another strong full length called A Fine Hill to Die On. The title pays homage to the sound that defined melodic punk rock in the 90’s and is still what the band plays so well. A virtual revolving door of musicians over the years has seen Stinson keep the music alive, and now includes Jason York and Daniel Bubert, two equally established vets of the SoCal music scene.

“A Fine Hill to Die “ is an absolute killer record. The album which is out today (November 4th ) via the amazing folks at Thousand Islands Records (USA/CAN) and Pee Records (AUS), with UK/EU distro by Lockjaw Records. The album was produced by Cameron Webb (NOFX, Motorhead, Pennywise) and is the follow-up to the band’s 2015 ‘Derailer’ release. Artwork by Chris Shearer.

The band waste no time on “A Fine Hill to Die On” They bring it at full force with the absolutely sonically perfect “Uncommon Veins “

We loved the feel on “American Hearts” it has a real throwback sound to it that we love .

From the intro drums we were hooked on “Bad Times “ This one is so catchy it stayed with us for while ( That’s a good thing )

One of the shinning stars on “A Fine Hill to Die On “ (There are many shining stars on this record) is “Good Things “ the song is flawless. We love how in the pocket Sic Waiting “ sounds on this track

The guitar riffs on “Here’s To You “ are freaking masterpieces The tune seriously kicks some major ass . We definitely hit repeat on this one a couple time .

Sic Waiting really hit one out of the park with “A Fine Hill to Die on” From “Life On Fire” to “Fireworks” this album is jam packed with PRIME QUALITY PUNK ROCK

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