The Second The Whole Kameese November Spotify Playlist (With Videos)

We had another fantastic week of great music on THE WHOLE KAMEESE this week ! We added 21 great new tracks to the November Playlist . Don’t forget to subscribe to The Whole Kameese below so you can keep up with all the spectacular music we feature on the site . Also remember to follow us @thewholekameese on all the socials

First we begin with Moon Fever from Seattle and their absolutely rocking new track “I’m Gone” these guys flat out rock . You can also check out the video for “I’m Gone” below

Boston Rock legends Nervous Eaters released their amazing new album Monsters+Angels The album is outstanding these guys sound amazing check out their song “Chad” from the new record we also included the video below

The amazing artist PLVTINUM dropped his tremendous new EP ‘AN HONEST ACCOUNT OF cTHE MORE UNSAVORY ASPECTS OF MY BEING’ this week proving why he is an artist on the rise. Check out “Where We Go @ Night

ROSIE Gives us a beautifully crafted song in “Good For Me “ we said it before but, honesty shines brightest when put to music .

Bath (UK) based indie-rock four piece Chasing Kites are impressive and so is their brand new single “Shiver”

Krooked Tongue Gives us their latest sonic masterpiece “Lupines”

French Punks Topsy Turvy’s give us the very excellent and melodic “You Don’t Know”

Besides being our favorite color, “Green” from Mae Mae is an absolutely beautifully written song. We also think the video is pretty great too.

We totally love the new track “Quicksand” from Skofee . we love her originality. We think the video is pretty cool… It has balloons in it !!!

If you have never heard of TJ Stafford now is the perfect time to get to know his music. “The World’s Gonna Love Me “ is an absolute blast and the video is just as fun

The Veils are back with the wonderfully crafted new “Undertow” it was well worth the wait

“Lords and Ladies “ from Rutherford Royal is one of the most soulful tracks we have heard in a while .

Carolyn Kendrick is an absolutely amazing talent . We loved “Break Of Day” we can’t wait for more from Carolyn Kendrick

Cal Wilson gives us a magnificent meaningful song with “I Assume “

Aaron James gives us “The Breaker” from his amazing new album Nobody Really Makes Love Anymore “

We loved the new album “Retirement Home” from Taxes it was so hard to choose what song to pick but, we went with the amazing track “Last Call”

The guitar work in “Just For A Moment “ from Lion Trail just flat out rocks

“Interstellar “ is truly otherworldly. Annabel Gutherz gives a flawless performance.

We can promise you that you will definitely be hearing more from Andie Mechanic she and her song “Call It Even “ are extraordinary.

Alexa Cappelli delivers an absolutely incredible song with “Lose Lose”

Harbour gives us a great song in “Swimming In My Head “ We have been singing along happily for days .

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