New Steakhouse Single+Video “Shoot The Lights Out” Is What Great Music Sounds and Looks Like

We loved everything about the new video and single “Shoot The Lights Out” from San Francisco post punk / country western quartet Steakhouse. You can listen to “Shoot The lights Out on Spotify and on Apple Music

You can also check out the video for “Shoot The Lights Out “ below

The song has this old time Outlaw country feel to it with a little pinch Social Distortion. You can feel the retro country but the punk vibe really makes it a bad ass track .

Over broodingly sticky bass and drums, the story of a tryst unfolds—booze-fueled loving and lusting over one another and the money won, only to steadily fall apart for the moment. Think Paris, Texas if it were in Vegas; Mad Men minus the rigidity of careers; krautrock meets jangle pop as a backdrop for the strange beauty in illicit affairs carried out between motel sheets. As vocalist Mark Lee puts it, “The man pays for the room, leaves his chips for her, writes her a note saying shoot the lights out when you go. Let’s leave it all in this room and never come back… but they probably do.”

Steakhouse is the right brand of cool that everyone needs in their lives right now . We can’t wait for more from Steakhouse.

Steakhouse is Mark Lee on vocals/keyboards, formerly of Toiling Midgets and Reid Black on guitar (ex-Innaway; currently of Into Another), who are the principal songwriting team, along with drummer Brian Michelson and bassist Ville Vilpponen.

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