CHERIE AMOUR Didn’t Just Make A Record with Spiritual Ascension (Equal Vision) They Made A Work Of Art

We recently checked out the absolutely stunning debut album Spiritual Ascension from Baltimore based quartet Cherie Amour.

Cherie Amour who were previously known as one Life To Lead , are using the name change as fresh start. The band felt that the group’s evolving style and sound deserved a name that matched their overall style .

When asked about the new record “Spiritual Ascension the band had this to say

“ Spiritual Ascension feels like it picks up where [previous release] ‘Internal Discussions’ left off. Since the release of our first EP we’ve all gone through huge life changes not only musically, but in our personal lives too. We’ve grown a lot as people and as musicians and we really felt that while writing this record. We dive deeper into our heavier side as well as our RnB and HipHop side. When you listen to this record we hope it brings you peace of mind that we’re all trying to find our place in this world, and no matter what you’re going through you will always have the people around you.”

You can listen to Spiritual Ascension Here

Spiritual Ascension is more than just a record , it is a spectacular work of art . If you love music then you will absolutely Love this record . From the moment we pressed play I think we said “wow! “ at least 500 times (ok maybe not 500 but pretty close ) The opening Welcome “ felt like we were about to enter whole new dimension.

On Deck “ comes at you full force . It absolutely rocks. All we could picture is a club going crazy for this absolutely blazing track .

A lot of bands claim to be versatile artists and shake an album up with different styles. No disrespect to other artists but, if you look up the word versatile there should be a picture of Cherie Amour they are truly beyond talented in every aspect

“Sin City” has a real driving rock feel that’s just electric. Trey Millers vocals are an absolute thing of beauty . He effortlessly weaves his voice around the expert musicianship of Casey Reid (Guitar) Brendan Willis (Guitar) and Ronnie Sherman (Drums)

One track that literally jump out of our headphones was “Minds Eye” it’s Cherie Amour at their absolute best . It’s smooth , It’s It’s funky . It’s freaking brilliant.

We loved the original vibe with “God Be a Woman” Cherie Amour spins and bends genres boundaries making music for everyone that speaks to everyone .

You can check out the video for “God Be a Women“ below

There is truly something for everyone on “Spiritual Ascension “ We kept hitting shuffle and let it play throughout the office . The title track “Spiritual Ascension “ (may have started a mini dance off ) In all seriousness this is an extraordinary band who has just crafted a work of art with “Spiritual Ascension “

The band will be hitting the road starting November 18th with Capstan,In Her Own Words and Shallow Pools dates below

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