Penny Rich Serves Up Latest Single “Last Meal”

Cardiff-based punk three-piece Penny Rich returns in huge with their latest thunderous single ‘Last Meal’, taken from their upcoming debut album due early next year.

You can Listen to “Last Meal” on Spotify Here

Batten down the hatches Penny Rich is bringing it full force with an electrifying sound that definitely makes you take notice . Born from a shared passion for 90’s grunge and noise and a need for cathartic expression, their evocative melodies and introspective lyrics speaking to the insecurities inside all of us. “Last Meal” comes in like a carefully choreographed hurricane. Penny Rich are freaking brilliant.

Since forming in 2016, the band (Anthony B ,Vocals /Guitar, Chris Hampson, Vocals/Bass and Tobias O’Reilly ,Drums)have been energising audiences across South Wales, sharing the stage with the likes of Death Cult Electric, Sœur and False Advertising, and playing slots at Oxjam Festival, while tracks from their EPs Nomad and Revolving Door have been supported by the likes of BBC Radio Wales, with Adam Walton himself describing the band as ‘noisy and great’.

Taken from the album, their upcoming single Last Meal draws lyrical inspiration from the concept of the last meal served to inmates on death row in the US, whereby they can request all of their favorite comfort food prior to their execution.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the single, the band state, “The song explores the idea of a last meal as a metaphor for empty, superficial pleasures, indulged in to temporarily escape the anguish, anxiety or depression the consumer may be experiencing. It’s the juxtaposition between feelings of superficial satiety and profound emptiness. In short: empty pleasures that fail to cure the real issues at play.”

Penny Rich bring so much raw energy and emotion they could probably power a small town. Seriously, A lot of people ask us “Hey can you recommend any “real good music” Penny Rich more than fits the bill for real good music

So find a good spot and crank it till the knobs come off .

You can check out the visual below for “Last Meal”

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