TJ Stafford Shines Brightly on New Single “When We Hit The Ground “

TJ Stafford is an artist. He writes amazing songs and just seems like he is having an absolute blast . His latest single “When We Hit The Ground “ On “When We Hit The Ground “ TJ explores the life of a relationship without the constraints of society .

You can listen to “When We Hit The Ground “ on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

TJ’s newest project Nipple Wisk” was started after battling depression during the pandemic is due out next month .

“When We Hit The Ground” is a track of sonic perfection.

A slow-burning electric guitar riff burns and bursts to a layered and emotional chorus. Explosive at its core, the track celebrates the freedom of being yourself and how it can change how we face our relationships and ourselves. Transparent and transcendent, the billowing lo-fi beat is the heartbeat of the love story itself, carrying the story from a quiet hum to a full-throttle expression of a love that might live or die – but either way is worth exploring.

You can check out the video for When We Hit The Ground “ below ( we think this video features one of the coolest and cutest drummers ever )

Great songs and great artists need to be shared . Do yourself a favor and checkout When We Hit The Ground “ you’ll be glad you did .

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