Life In Mono reveal live session of double A-side singles “Blackout/Sex to White Noise”….. It is Remarkable

When it comes to music there isn’t anything cooler than watching it come together organically live . We’re not necessarily talking about a full till live show… rather watching it all come together in one shot , no retakes or fancy fixes . Bristol (UK) alt-rock quartet Life In Mono have accomplished just that by performing a one-take live studio session of their recent singles “Blackout/ Sex To White Noise” recorded in one take with one camera – no edits, no stops , what you hear in the video happened in the room .

We think there needs to be more of these types of performances in the world . Life In Mono gives an absolute world class performance . While watching the video we found ourselves totally connected to the music and performance, both emotionally and visually . Every note and every word felt more powerful than the next .Sarah Clayton gave such a moving and delicate performance, that was bolstered by the tremendous and skillful playing of James Davis (Guitar ) , Adam DT (Bass) and Mike Gill (Drums)

The videographer and director Andrew Wildey of Zeyus Media ( who did and absolutely brilliant job with this project) had this to say about the session: “The live video for ‘Blackout // Sex To White Noise’ was a true undertaking of choreography as not only did the camera have to be in exactly the right place at the right time, but I was also controlling the lighting from an app mounted on the camera rig. This has also influenced the direction of the forthcoming music video for ‘Blackout’ with the two videos sharing much of the same DNA.”

You can watch the absolutely stunning performance from Life In Mono below . You won’t be disappointed You can listen to Blackout” on Spotify Here and you can listen to “Sex To White Noise” on Spotify Here

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