Chloe Star Is Definitely A Star On The Rise …. Drops Phenomenal debut single “Element”

Today we had the honor of checking out Persian-Native American pop singer and songwriter Chloe Star and her stunning debut single, “Element.” Along with the track there is also a NFT collection that includes 20 unique pieces that showcase the song’s lyrics. Each NFT is an exclusive visual piece that gives fans a glimpse into the world of Chloe Star.

You can listen to ElementHere

“Element” hits you right from the get go . The track has a lively hypnotic feel . The clear star of the show is Chloe Star and she is most definitely in her “Element” as she brings her fresh and honest style front and center

“Element” is a carefree anthem about feeling yourself. “It’s a song about me just being in my element,”says Chloe. “My element is all about confidence, strength, not giving a flying fuck about anything, constantly pushing the limit, living life on the edge, and enjoying every moment that life throws at you.”

Chloe Star is an indigenous singer, songwriter, visual artist and tribal advocate. Growing up she split her time between Los Angeles and her family’s reservation in San Bernardino. With a childhood that was chaotic and often unstable, she found solace in journaling and writing poetry. She taught herself to play piano and guitar and soon started transforming her prose into lyrics.

We have a feeling that 2023 is going to be absolutely amazing for Chloe Star . “Element” is just the beginning, her forthcoming EP is due later this year .

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