Dosser Delivers an Absolutely Stunning Collection of Musical Greatness With Their Debut LP “Violent Picture/Violent Sound”

As we sit here on January 23 just twenty three days into the new year we can say with absolute certainty that, we have just listened to one of the years best records. We completely understand that the new year is just getting started but…. The boys from Baltimore have without a doubt crushed it way out of the park with “Violent Picture /Violent Sound”

You can check out “Violent Picture/Violent Sound “ Here

We were first introduced to Dosser this past September , with the release of the song “Joy Thief “ which is the first track on “Violent Picture/Violent Sound”

As we said when we reviewed “Joy Thief” Dosser have crafted a sonically melodic driven masterpiece. We hear shades of shades of 90’s favorite Hum as well as early Foo Fighters.

We absolutely love the beginning of the second track on the record “Kids” The guitar at the beginning is so addictive we found ourselves humming it out loud . The melodic composition on “Kids” gives the song a whole new dimension. We are also massive fans of the music video for “Kids “ You can watch the video below. If your a fan of water balloons and feel like we do that, water balloons should be an Olympic sport then this video will make you smile .

Photo credit- Zack Pohuski

Dosser, are master sound architect’s as they artfully layer and manipulate sound to absolute perfection throughout the album .

We were completely captivated by the latest single “Dark Air “Sometimes you hear a song for the first time and you are instantly hooked.. “Dark Air “ is one of those songs for us . “Dark Air “ was a tidal wave of melodic greatness and we loved it .

Other standouts on “Violent Picture/Violent “ include the immensely catchy “No Halo” (We may have even serenaded the bank with this song as we waited in line) The title track “Violent Picture/ Violent Sound “ had us instantly dancing around the office “ ( luckily we didn’t have much of an audience. )

“Glazed Over “ is an absolutely brilliant song and sounds best loud . The musicianship of Dosser is on full display on “Glazed Over “

We are 100% all in with Dosser these guys are the real deal and, if music is your thing you would be doing you ears a major disservice if you don’t go check them out immediately.

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