Grade 2 Shares Epic New Melodic Punk Song “Midnight Ferry”

We are beyond excited to get to listen to another new track from UK punks Grade 2

This time around we get the brilliant melodic tune “Midnight Ferry . We were immediately entranced by the absolutely stunning and catchy guitar sounds on this one .

You can listen to “Midnight Ferry “ on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

We are not going to lie after just one play through we were singing along.

The band had this to say about “Midnight Ferry” “This song is our story, a tale of a night out and the truth of growing up in a rural town,” the band explains. “Capturing the adventurous spirit, trying to escape any mundane responsibilities, if just for a night. Just know you’ll be brought straight back down to earth on that journey home.”

We can not wait for February 17th when their self titled album is released. In the meantime we will have this one on constant repeat.

Photo Credit – RYAN MACKFALL

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