Joker’s Hand Comes Up Big With New Video For “You’re Why I Don’t Sleep At Night”

We were so excited to check out the new video from Southern California’s Joker’s Hand for their song “Your Why I Don’t Sleep at Night”Which, is the follow up to “Danny Phantom “(ft. Jakob Nowell)

The video was directed Javier Juanillo and produced by Javier Juanillo, Emma Juncosa and Barham Lashley. Director of Photography Emma Juncosa . You can check out the video below

Jokers’ Hand’s Kevin Kawano says, ““You’re Why I Don’t Sleep At Night” explores themes of heartbreak and betrayal at the hands of a former lover who seemingly falls off the face of the Earth.”

You can listen to “Why I Don’t Sleep At Night” Here

Both songs appear on the band’s upcoming EP “Seeing Red” out on all platforms on Feb 17th.

We are all in on Joker’s Hand these guys flat out rock . ( we’re talking like, next level good )

We can’t wait for “Seeing Red “ on February 17th

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