MARIS Gives Us An Electrifying New Single And Video “False Idol”

There is something absolutely electric about singer,songwriter,artist and performer MARIS

We recently had the distinct honor to check out her latest single “False Idol“ and if that’s not enough she is also releasing a video for “False Idol” as well .

You can listen to “False Idol” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

You can watch the video for “False Idol “ below

MARIS is a refreshing change of pace in an often mundane music landscape. MARIS is a unique artist who enjoys and embraces the weirdness around her.

Her own radiant optimism brings the same out in anyone who is in her presence. Her music is a reflection of the liveliness she exudes; it touches on both the light and dark of life’s experiences. This duality is a constant within her story inspired by various mediums of art and life, MARIS’ artistic style is unique due to the cohesive and compelling storytelling she weaves throughout her music, visuals, and choreography.

When asked about “False Idols “ MARIS commented “Part of growing up for me has been realizing that the fantasies and heroes that I make in my head out of ordinary life and people, can be both incredible and damaging. For different cycles in my life, I would pick a person to make my idol. I would believe everything they said as if it were fact, and wait anxiously for their approval of me and what I do. The day I wrote False Idol with Bruce and Bre, I was ranting about wanting to escape this dynamic that I kept finding myself in. I had the words “false idol” written in my notes app, as well as the phrase “you let me down a million times, so I could only look up to you…. your silhouette against the sky” and from there I opened and shared the google doc (my favorite thing to do) and we took off. “

“False Idol” has a style and sound all it’s own.When asked about how “False Idol “ came to be MARIS reflects “We referenced a ton of things sonically, but that day I was wanting a mash of the dance beat and bass drive of an 80s pop song, with the lush harmonies of a Fleetwood Mac arrangement, and a tangible feeling of power coming into your life as you reject the concept of false idols controlling how you feel about yourself. Lyrically, I love the imagery of somebody being so big in your mind, that they tower over you and block out the sun. “I’ve been running from your shadow” has such a colorful action to it, and accompanied with the dance beat, I can’t help but bop along.

Speaking about the video MARIS comments “Filming the video for it was a total trip, because I was actively still learning that lesson. And I think there will always be days when I need to be reminded of my internal power, just like we all do. However, I kept saying to my co director Caro and our choreographer David, that I felt like the cinema was reflecting my internal mental state, and I was actively learning the lesson during this process. I’m so grateful I get to work with such cool people, and I am so stoked about everything from the songwriting, production and sonic world, visual world and the greater narrative of my visual EP.”

Along with the electrifying single MARIS also gives us the additional gift of an exceptional video which directed by MARIS and Caro Knapp. The video is a fabulous visual that really brings the song to life

We can’t wait for music from MARIS she is definitely an artist to watch in 2023. Since returning from a 50+ show European tour with Postmodern Jukebox, MARIS has signed with indie record label, Black House. , Her debut EP, will be released early spring

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