Emily Breeze Delivers An Instant classic with “Rapture”

Emily Breeze gives us an absolute masterpiece. “Rapture “ is what musical brilliance sounds like .

To say that we are excited that “Rapture” from Emily Breeze is finally here is, perhaps the understatement of the year .

It’s like it’s Christmas morning and “Rapture” is that one present we couldn’t wait to open.

You can listen to “Rapture” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here “Rapture is available now via Sugar Shack Records

We first were introduced to Emily Breeze through her single “Ordinary Life” It was love at first listen. The first thing that captivated us about Emily Breeze and “Ordinary Life” was that both are overflowing with genuine honesty and realness.

The Rapture truly delights with every track .

Breeze is the ever artful storyteller who spins her ever relatable message with truth and wit.As Breeze describes the album as a collection of coming-of (middle) age stories which celebrate flamboyant failure, excess and acceptance.’

The songs on “Rapture” are such a diverse collection. The term artist is used maybe too often these days . However, Emily Breeze is most deserving of the title .

We knew this was a great record pretty early on in the listening process because we found ourselves attached with these song . “The Bell” , “Oh,Anna Nicole” ( the line referencing “Fried Chicken and silicone “ is freaking awesome and brilliant.

Dance With The Rats” is such a glorious anthem. After listening to the track we were literally ready to be our true self and take on the world.

We are not sure if it is because we are of a certain age but , “Confessions Of An Aging Party Girl” really resonated with us . We felt like “Confessions Of An Aging Party Girl” could serve as the soundtrack to our memories.

If we had to pick one song as our absolute favorite from “Rapture”( honestly it’s nearly impossible, it’s like asking a parent to pick a favorite kid) We would have to say “Part Of Me” We were honestly moved by this song . We joke a lot on this blog, but seriously we haven’t felt this way about a particular track in long time . We think going on about it doesn’t give it justice so, do yourself a favor and find a good listening spot and enjoy “Part Of Me”

An album like “Rapture” happens when an artist is true to themselves and doesn’t hold back . Emily had this to say when reflecting on the inspiration behind, the album “I was receiving advice from music industry types to try and hide my age as if it was a dirty secret like an STD or a disgraced royal, so I decided to do the exact opposite”.

Do yourself a favor clear your schedule get comfortable and experience the beauty and glory that is “Rapture “ from the downright amazing Emily Breeze

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