Boss’ Daughter Put On an Absolute Clinic On What An Amazing Punk Record Should Sound Like With “Bouts With Bummers “

We first heard Las Vegas based Boss’ Daughter through their single and video for “Away” we really liked the band, they have a great sound and seem like they are having an absolute blast so, we were psyched when got to sit down and listen to the new record “Bouts With Bummers” .

Photo by : Lindsay Dimitri

“Bouts With Bummers “ is more than just your average punk record. “Bouts With Bummers” Is an absolute masterclass on what an amazing punk record sounds like .

There are 16 glorious tracks on “Bouts With Bummers “ It’s kind of corny to say but there really is something for everyone on this record. Boss’ Daughter do a phenomenal job of really mixing it up style wise , We could hear some straight up pop punk/ skatepunk , post punk even some ska .

The party starts with “Never Alone” (We’re not going to lie it was a tad sad but , gosh it has a great melody and beat)

Extinction” is such an amazing track ( if we had the tape version of this record we’d probably need a new one because, we wore it out) . We loved the ska feel with “Extinction “

Singing About Drinking “ is the kind of song that there needs to be more of . I mean come on this song is the ultimate punk rock sing along. ( We have a feeling this one is epic live !!!)

If we had to pick our favorite we just wouldn’t be able to pick one , we’d have to give you two and those would be “Okay” ( so much energy) and “Four Seasons And A Movie” The band sounds super sonically so good on this track we loved it .

With “Bouts With Bummers” Boss’ Daughter have successfully revived the lost art of amazing record making . “Bouts With Bummers” is out now via the awesome people at SBÄM Records . The band is out and about on the road check dates below

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