Ryan Hamilton Rocks Out With New Single “A$$hole”

We’re not sure what we did to be so lucky but, It’s Valentine’s Day and…. (we love where there’s an and….) Critically acclaimed Texas singer-Songwriter Ryan Hamilton has released a new single , A$$hole” off his upcoming new album “Haunted By The Holy Ghost” You can listen to “A$$hole” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here. You can also check out the video below .

We are not going to pull any punches with this review. We absolutely loved “A$$hole” It not only flat out rocks but , this song is so fun . Ryan Hamilton is an incredibly talented singer-songwriter who writes songs that are the definition of cool . Once that infectious opening beat hit we couldn’t help but break into an all out dance party .

In regards to the video ….

Ryan says, “It’s not everyday you shoot a music video with a badger! Why a badger? Because badgers are assholes. They’re adorable assholes. Haha. So proud of this song. The self sabotaging title will keep it off most radio stations… which is a shame, because it deserves to be a big hit.”Badger footage was filmed by Laurie Hamilton. Live footage filmed by Robert Male, in Leicester, UK.

In a world where people are little to serious it’s refreshing to know that there are people like Ryan Hamilton that can keep it cool .

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