MxPx To Headline Furnace Fest 2023 with Turnstile, Bane, and Pennywise

SO MUCH TO BE EXCITED ABOUT FOR MXPX IN 2023 . Headlining Friday,September 22, 2023

Headlining Friday, September 22, 2023

New Music We REPEAT !!!! New Music Coming soon – Stay Updated Here

New Music Coming Soon – Stay Updated at

MxPx is also set to play When We Were Young Festival 2023 All Tickets Here

If your a MXPX fan ( and honestly who isn’t ) then 2023 is going to absolutely rock !!!!

Today, the band announced they will be headlining Furnace Fest in Birmingham, AL this Fall, closing the first night on September 22, 2023. Other headliners on the fest include Turnstile, Bane, and Pennywise. With new music on the way, the band plans to be making more appearances this year, including the highly raved-about When We Were Young Festival in 2023 alongside Blink-182 and Green Day.

Furnace Fest is a punk and hardcore festival that gathers the largest bands from these aforementioned scenes over the past 30 years, into one big 3-day festival that happens once a year. They also pull bands out of retirement to play reunion shows that people thought would never happen (Bane, Kid Ninety Pound Wuss, Chasing Victory, etc) and are in the pulse of breakout bands that are Grammy-nominated as of 2023 (Turnstile). It is a celebration and reunion of fans within the punk and hardcore community to experience their favorite bands they ever never got to see or get to tally another time seeing them in a fun and unique venue setting of Sloss Furnaces.

Mike Herrera, the singer of MxPx had this to add:

Furnace Fest made it clear they wanted us to be part of the event. We’re thankful and excited to be part of this one!!!! When your friends tell you something matters, you listen. We did an entire tour with Relient K years ago and we’re finally gonna be able to reconnect, I’m looking forward to it. Fletcher from Pennywise once used our drummer Yuri as a bowling ball in Australia, true story!!! Jeff from Ninety Pound Wuss did screams on The Theme Fiasco from our Buffalo album. There are so many friends on here, Anberlin, Ghoti Hook, too many to name with so many stories about each so Im stopping there. We got a new record on the way and we’re playing Furnace Fest. Celebrate with us in September!”

We here at The Whole Kameese make it no secret that we are huge MXPX fans so we are super psyched at this news and we have a feeling we are not the only ones

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