Sunshine Riot Deliver Greatness With “So It Comes”

Many bands have tried to duplicate the grunge alt-rock sound of the 90’s . Some have come close but Boston based Sunshine Riot is different … They may be firmly rooted in the alt-grunge sound however, Sunshine Riot has this almost “secret sauce” quality to their sound that makes it all their own

You can listen to “So It Comes” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

Today the band gives us their new single “So It Comes”which, is the ultra explosive lead track to the band’s forthcoming EP Loud,Bright and Violent . “So It Comes “ has a swagger that is undeniable. The track absolutely simmers as the band lays down a bluesy tinged groove that straight out moved our soul . (These guys are a insanely tight group and it shows) Jonny Orton completes the track with vocals so good they could stop traffic .

“So It Comes “ as well as the EP was recorded by Steve Albini at ELectrical Audio in Chicago. When asked about “So It Comes “ guitarist and vocalist Jonny Orton commented “It’s a song about the human condition, and the speed with which a person can change from one mood to the next,” says Orton. “There is this wonderful Buddhist saying that I heard recently that really struck me – and which I’m probably not characterizing exactly right – but it goes something like: ‘The changes are but the weather, I am the sky.’ The song parallels that idea of multidimensionality of the human condition with city life itself.”

We simply can not wait for the EP to come in April. In the meantime we will have “So It Comes” on repeat .

Sunshine Riot is : Jonny Orton – Guitars,Vocals ,Jeff Sullivan,Bass , Mark Tetreault, Guitar , Steven Shepherd , Drums,Percussion

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