Brian Tell And The LoveMakers And Their New Single Definitely “Stand Out”

We recently had the distinct honor of checking out the latest single “Stand Out” from Austin based Brian Tell And The LoveMakers .

You can listen to “Stand Out” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

We absolutely love the sound and vibe of Brian Tell And The LoveMakers it’s a modern sound with a throwback vibe to the garage band era in the 60’s Based in Austin, Texas, they take a direct, uncomplicated approach to songwriting that’s influenced by decades of rock, blues, and punk history. The result is a searing, style-bending sound that’s modern yet old school.

“Stand Out “ is an absolutely electric song with an addictive melody that you just can’t refuse . The band as a whole are solid unit with world class musicianship.

The band says, Stand Out was the first material we all wrote together – essentially becoming a band and finding our sound. Max came up with a bass line, and we all joined in. We had played for months with my solo material, but this was the start of a new direction – and will continue with our upcoming releases”.

All former New Yorkers, the current line-up formed in Austin. The band consists of Brian Tell on vocals and guitar, Jason Desiderio on drums, Max Marschark on bass, and Stan Spring on lead guitar. Together, they’ve written Warm Weather Woman, Watching the News, and Stand Out. Recorded at the Ice Cream Factory, these songs were mixed by Dan Duszynski.

Brian Tell And The LoveMakers are a band we can’t not wait to watch in 2023 and beyond. We have a feeling big things are in store for these guys

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