Booze Radly Is Firing On All Cylinders With Latest EP “Lose, Badly “

Cover Credit – Jessica Stubits, Alex Manescu

Music at it’s purest form is expression of emotion. Philadelphia based 5 piece emo/punk band Booze Radly, takes emotion to whole new level with their latest EP “Lose,Badly”

You can listen to “Lose,Badly “ on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

Booze Radly ( Alex Manescu Guitar/Vocals, Dylan Molloy, keyboard/vocals, Vince Dejesus Guitar, Youssef Moussa Bass, and Peter Sovia (Drums) work like flawless craftsmen to deliver a epic collection of songs.

The first track off of “Lose,Badly” is an absolute win. “White Guy Emo” which , features Gabby Relos is a smartly written melodic gem that we can not get enough of.

As we move to track 2 “Hydro-Illogical “ we were really drawn to the vibe on this track . The band does a phenomenal job not sticking with one sound or vibe . “Hydro-Illogical “ has this fantastic surf rock sound that really makes the track exceptionally memorable.

The opening riff on Crash and Burn “ is downright electric it gives the song this awesome raw energy that is just perfect.

We talked about emotion earlier… Booze Radly delivers an absolutely incredible musical composition with “Unlearning Sadness “ Picking favorite songs are so tough to do,but…. We definitely would go with “Unlearning Sadness”

“Admission Of Infirmity “ is a perfect example of Booze Radly really showing how diverse their sound is . “Admission Of Infirmity “ The band really shows how spectacular their musicianship truly is . We are absolutely taken by this song . The vocal performance is a thing of beauty .

The final track on “Lose,Badly” is another powerful and well executed song . “Nothing To Lose” has this raw and authentic old school hard core punk sound that is amazing.

A lot of bands try and take a known sound or style and try to pass it off as their own…. This is not the case with Booze Radly at all.

Booze Radly proves on “Lose, Badly “ that they are a band with a style and sound that is authentic and genuine. “Lose,Badly is more than an EP … “Lose,Badly” is a well crafted musical experience.

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