Majestic Missoula based rock and roll tour de force CATNYP give a performance that will live forever with STUCK WITH A VALUABLE FRIEND…. CATNYP LIVE IN PORTLAND

You can listen to STUCK WITH A VALUABLE FRIEND… CATNYP LIVE IN PORTLAND on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

Last month we gave you just a small taste of the epic new CATNYP album STUCK WITH A VALUABLE FRIEND…. CATNYP LIVE IN PORTLAND by giving you the epic live version of “Cool Tattoo” However this time we are happy to report the whole CATNYP experience via the full live album STUCK WITH A VALUABLE FRIEND…. CATNYP LIVE IN PORTLAND which was recorded in Portland in December of 2022 and is available today

The Missoula,Montana based trio more than delivers with an album truly captures the magic, mystery, and brilliance of CATNYP

We’ve said it before and will say it again CATNYP are at their best in their natural element: LIVE

One thing that we absolutely love about CATNYP ( Henderson K Shatner aka HKS ,Bass, Billy Reese,Guitarist, and Drummer , Toast ) is that they artfully and skillfully weave in and out of different musical styles and vibes and this is beautifully captured on the live record .You can hear a wide variety of musical influences with CATNYP from the likes of Queen, David Bowie and The Pixies And… this may sound like a small thing but… they sound freaking amazing. No faking here whatsoever, this is honest to goodness grade A rock at it’s finest .

From outstanding tracks such as “Irredemption Song “, The Wood” and “The Architecture Of Berlin “ this album is a must listen from start to finish.

We as music fans are forever grateful that the planets aligned and we are able to experience the greatness that is CATNYP. The band is set to begin a west coast tour in April 2023 check Here for details.

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