The New Division Delivers A Sensational New Album “ Modern Life”

Photo by Alex Casillas

We recently had the distinct pleasure to check the new album “Modern Life “ from acclaimed synth-pop artist The New Division.

You can listen to “Modern Life” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

The New Division is the electronic synth-pop project of John Kunkel, a California-based musician, producer, and sound designer with Brazilian American heritage.

We completely enjoyed the new album “Modern Life” from The Joy Division. We were quickly entranced by the beautiful and well crafted beats and melodies on the album, you owe it to your ears to give this record a full listen.

The title track “Modern Life” which, is also the first track on the album is absolutely breathtaking. We felt a real cinematic feel to this track, and we loved it . you can check out the beautiful visuals for “Modern Life “ below

“Modern Life “ is an album that is the definition of a well crafted album, every track is crafted and sculpted to absolute perfection.

The album , “Modern Life” explores themes of chaos, isolation, and finding escape in music during the pandemic. With a darker edge than its predecessor, Hidden Memories, the album delves into the effects of technology addiction and navigating a constantly changing world. “A lot of this album was written when we were all stuck at home, unable to hang out with friends, be with our families. While I don’t think the pandemic changed me drastically, I notice something different about myself when I play these songs back-to-back. There’s something I’m uncomfortable with the way the world is today, and I’m still exploring that through the music I write.”-John Kunkel

We gravitated towards this album and it’s many outstanding tracks . “Silent Films” was one song that literally jumped out of the speakers for us . “Silent Films “ has that beautiful build to it .We found ourselves totally submerged with “Silent Films”,it is a beautiful wave of sound that washes over you

You can watch the visual for “Silent Films “ below .

We loved the very lively vibe on “System Shock “ we may have even spent an entire morning dancing to this track .

“Modern Life” from The New Division is a spectacular collection of well crafted musical compositions. This is one album you need to listen to ASAP.

The New Division will embark on a US Tour later this summer, fall, and winter

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