Ransom And The Subset Deliver Sweet New Single With “Sara Kandi”

We were so excited to check out the sweet sounding new single “Sara Kandi “ from Washington state based Ransom And the Subset.

The band does a tremendous job in giving “Sara Kandi” a classic meets modern pop feel, inspired by hit makers like Elton John, Steely Dan, Nick Lowe, and Ben Folds Five

Their newest single, “Sara Kandi,” is the second drop off of their full-length album “Perfect Crimes” out in April.

You can listen to “Sara Kandi” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

Mingled amongst modern rhythms and a rockabilly-style chorus, “Sara Kandi” explores an imaginary relationship that can only exist in your mind. It follows the tail of a man who runs into Sara Kandi at the bank, immediately infatuated by her name and the idea of who she might be in the outside world. Legendary bass player Graham Maby (Joe Jackson, They Might Be Giants, Marshal Crenshaw, Regina Spektor, Joan Baez) contributes a burgeoning bass line that undulates alongside the ruckus rocky pre-chorus. It’s a cacophony of vintage vibes and modern grooves wrapped in a storytelling style that makes room for the imagination.

We have had this one on repeat in the office for a few days . “Sara Kandi” is one of those that you just can’t shake ( that’s a good thing.

A perfect melody with flawless vocals . If your looking for your new favorite song … look no further than Ransom and the Subset and “Sara Kandi”

Like candy for your sweet tooth, “Sara Kandi “ is sweetly crafted ear candy from Ransom and the Subset that you simply cannot resist.

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