Robotic Hawks Run The Table….Delivering Not Only The Epic New Single”Minnesota Fats “ But…. We Also Get The “Minnesota Fats “EP Too!

We recently had the distinct honor of checking out the smoking hot new single “Minnesota Fats” from the New Hampshire power trio Robotic Hawks . We also get the Minnesota Fats” EP as well .

You can check out the epic new “Minnesota Fats EP featuring the epic single “Minnesota Fats” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

Right from go with “Minnesota Fats “ you know you are getting a song and an EP that just truly rocks .We are not beating around the bush with this review. When you hear the drums on the opening track “Minnesota Fats” you just know that this is a rock song of the highest order. “Minnesota Fats “ is one of those songs that like it’s namesake has a larger than life vibe that you truly can’t ignore .

When asked about “Minnesota Fats” vocalist and guitarist Tyler Pollard remarks “I felt the story [of Fats] served as a great parallel to the struggles of musicians and artists. To non-artists, lack of financial success or global domination represents failure, losing. However, to me, I’m still here, I’m still playing and writing music that I’m proud of, which overrides that negative expectation/perception. Music is my purpose and my unwillingness to stop doing it makes me a winner. So, I guess ‘Fats’ is really about self-awareness, self-validation, ownership, and perspective. All artists are winners and losers, depending on who you ask.”

Credit – Kelly Davidson Studio

There is this raw electrifying energy with Robotic Hawks that you can’t ignore , they play a brand of infectious and fun Rock and Roll that we can’t get enough.

In addition to “Minnesota Fats “ we hit the music lottery because, we get two additional songs!!! “Turn Away “ and a cover of Tommy Conwell and the Young Rumblers’I’m Not Your Man.”

We absolutely love the vibe on “Turn Away “ it has this smoke filled bar room feel , that we absolutely love not to mention the flawless vocals . “I’m Not Your Man “ is a letter perfect cover of the original. However we love how Robotic Hawks artfully put their own spin on it .

We have a feeling Robotic Hawks will absolutely bring the house down at their EP release show tonight ( March 31 ) in Boston at The Square Root .

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