The Melodically Beautiful “I Don’t Blame The Rats From War Honey Is Simply Amazing

We recently had the honor and privilege to check out Brooklyn based indie rock band War Honey and their brilliantly epic new single “ I Don’t Blame The Rats” which if your scoring at home ( and we know you are ) is their first release since 2022’s EP “Last Woman Left At The Market”

You can listen to “I Don’t Blame The Rats “ on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

War Honey are artists of the highest degree. They have a sound , style and vibe that is simply otherworldly. Vocalist and Rhythm Guitarist , Gabrielle Dana is at the center of a musical experience that is like no other . Ben Fitts, lead Guitar, David Bloom , Bass and Ian Ackerman ,Drums are an artfully and skilled group of musicians who display master class musicianship.

What drew us to War Honey and “I Don’t Blame The Rats” is the authenticity and realness that comes through loud and clear both with the band and the song . Great music is more than just words and chords, it’s a moment and feeling that stays with you . War Honey is a great band, “I Don’t Blame The Rats “ is more than a song but it is a moment and a feeling that stays with you long after the music has ended .

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