If Kansas Had Trees Does Everything Right With “Anything Right “

so if you have been following The Whole Kameese , you know that occasionally we stumble across a band that we have never heard of before and share it on the site . Today we bring you “Anything Right” from If Kansas Had Trees . ( Spoiler alert , this song absolutely rocks! )

You can listen to “Anything Right” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

The band consists Joey Nardone,vocals,bass, Maddux Testa,vocals,guitar, Stone Magagna, drums

“Anything Right” is pure sonic perfection. The NEPA band has crafted an absolute gem . We impressed by the band’s musicianship, as they operate like a well oiled machine

Everyone is always on the look out for new music to check out , well look no further than “Anything Right “from If Kansas Had Trees

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