M. Byrd Gives Us The Beautifully Crafted “Only A Feeling “

We were pleased to have recently checked out the latest single “Only A Feeling” from German-based singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer M. Byrd

You can listen to “Only A Feeling “ on Spotify Here

“Only A Feeling “ is a magnificently crafted song that has this amazing cinematic feel to it . We can definitely picture this track on the big screen.

Powered by a vintage OP1 drum machine, the track features airy guitars weaving around a steady beat as he tries to capture the essence of a panic attack in a song.

M. Byrd explains, I have a close friend who deals with panic attacks on a regular basis. It’s crazy to think of how something just triggers such a powerful reaction where a person has an outburst out of nowhere and ends up gasping for air. The drums even mirror this shortness of breath.”

We are absolutely captivated by the amazing energy surrounding “Only A Feeling “ M. Byrd is gifted and talented musician who crafts meaningful and thought provoking music .

Only A Feeling” follows the release of M. Byrd’s previous singles “Seed,” “Flood,” “Over You / Over Me” and “Outside Of Town,” all off his debut full-length album The Seed out June 16th.

M. Byrd has also announced a handful of European shows, starting September 14th in Paris and wrapping on October 20th in Wien. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit M. Byrd’s website HERE

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