Answerman Checks All The Boxes With Their Extraordinary Debut Album “Black Light Poster”

When we think of anything having to do with Black Light , we immediately associate a sense of coolness with it . Back in the day if you had a black light you were “next level” cool.

The debut album from Boston based Answerman (Sam Pitino,Guitar,Vocals, Tom Murphy,Guitar,Walt Enright, Bass, Chris Orcutt,Drums) “Black Light Poster “ is without a doubt “next level “ cool .

You can listen to “Black Light Poster” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here.

We were first drawn to the light of Answerman with the first single “Black Heart” we were absolutely blown away by sonic force of “Black Heart” little did we know that Black Heart was just the beginning.. From our original review “Black Heart” comes at you at warped speed , like a loose asteroid hurling through space. A delicately crafted sonic composition that is the embodiment of an authentic rock anthem. The song has a pulse that frolics within the spectrum of post-punk,psych and surf-pop. “Black Heart “ is the perfect “jumper cable” “ to reignite the true spirit of rock.

After Black Heart” we were introduced to the second single “No Complaints” which was exactly how we felt …. We had zero complaints about this great track . From our original review of “No Complaints”-“ No Complaints “ is a sonic juggernaut thathas a fearless soul , “No Complaints “ is not a song you can forget.

We fell instantly for the third track on “Black Light Poster “ – “Smoof” We were absolutely mesmerized by the retro /psychedelic vibe on this track . “Smoof” is one of those magical tracks that are timeless. Answerman once again show of their “master class” level of musicianship and versatility on this stellar track. This one is one of our favorites.

Photo credit – Pat Piasecki

When asked about the album , guitarist and vocalist Sam Pitino commented “The album touches on such a wide range of human conditions: Love, loss, lust, depression, anxiety, disappointment, forgiveness. And we all experience these things every day, in real life situations: Our romantic relationships, our friendships, our workplaces our politics. It’s a whole world. And when you take a step back and start to put things into perspective, you see there is so much gray area and nothing is black and white.”

One of Answerman’s “super powers “ if you will, is to write incredibly catchy melodies that give you no choice but to belt it out along with the band … no matter how out of key you might be. Case in point …. “Jenny” We have rocked out with this amazing track everywhere from the bank drive up line to the shower ( our apologies to our neighbors but, when you gotta rock out , you gotta do it !)

In all seriousness , this is absolutely brilliantly written song Answerman is firing on all cylinders with this one .

From start to finish Answerman gives us an absolutely stunningly brilliant collection of songs with “Black Light Poster”

“Black Light Poster “ will get the record release party treatment April 22 at Faces Brewing Co. in Malden, with special guests The Love Shamans and The Grubs.

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