Ransom and the Subset Deliver A Perfectly Perfect Album With “Perfect Crimes

We were absolutely delighted to finally check out the new album “Perfect Crimes” from Washington State alternative rock band Ransom and the Subset . Ransom and the Subset which is the brainchild of songwriter RainDair Porter, is known for fresh pop-rock-driven melodies, infectious hooks, and insightful lyricism. With influences that range from Steely Dan and Elton John to the Nick Lowe and Jellyfish, there’s nothing in the modern rock world they won’t experiment with. This newest project comes after their critically acclaimed 2014 debut.

You can listen to “Perfect Crimes” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

What jumps out at you on “Perfect Crimes“ is the flawless and master class level songwriting exhibited on the record. What is also impressive is legendary featured musicians who are no strangers to hit songs.

The album grabs your attention immediately with the opening track and recent single “Sara Kandi “ We absolutely love the melody on this track . The song explores an imaginary relationship that can only exist in your mind

Legendary bass player Graham Maby (Joe Jackson, Marshall Crenshaw, Regina Spektor, Joan Baez) contributes a burgeoning bass line that undulates alongside the ruckus rocky pre-chorus. It’s a cacophony of vintage vibes and modern grooves wrapped in a storytelling style that makes room for the imagination.

We were head over heels in love with the lead single “Perfect Crime” From our original review “We first heard of Seattle based Ransom and the Subset and “The Perfect Crime” a few weeks ago. We were sitting in the office and had just poured the second cup of coffee, we hit play and ….. Absolute Pop magic .The Perfect Crime” hooks you in right away . The introduction of the song hits you harder than the most perfect wave imaginable, only this wave is the perfect wall of melodic goodness.

We absolutely love the sound and vibe of “Left Her at the Shinkansen” The beautifully written track is another imaginative story of a couple that never follows through on meeting each other. Infused with a toe-tapping rhythm and a bristling, bright chord progression, it imagines a lone woman waiting at the Japanese bullet train station for a passenger that never arrives. A 70’s Brit Rock feel reverberates with elements of steel guitar from B.J. Cole (Elton John , “Tiny Dancer”) and bass from Dan Rothchild (Tonic, Heart).

One of our favorite songs on the album is “Bring Him Home “ What stood out on this track is the absolutely stunning and flawless vocal . Inspired by the story of when his brother went missing in Mexico, “Bring Him Home” features a smattering of 1970’s influences. Despite the heavy subject matter, the doo-wop harmonies and pristine piano along with Robert Sledge’s (Ben Folds Five) melodic bass combined to create the perfect Mexican beach day vibes. The story has a happy ending as his brother came home , and RainDair has an absolute gem of a song

The opening drum beat on “Don’t Remember What Her Name Was,” has this classic 60’s pop feel that sets the perfect tone for this amazing track. We definitely had this one on repeat for quite sometime.

“Perfect Crimes” from Ransom and the Subset is more than an album it is an extraordinary musical experience that needs to be experienced by all .

Randair Porter and his impressive group of legendary musicians have crafted an absolutely stunningly brilliant collection of songs.

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