Redshift Deliver Absolute Brilliance With Their Show Stopping New Album “Laws Of Entropy”

We finally got the chance to listen to the incredible new album from Bath (UK) based progressive-metal trio Redshift , “Laws Of Entropy via Pale Wizard Records. ( Spoiler Alert : This record is an absolutely mind blowing experience)

You can listen to “Laws Of Entropy “ on Spotify Here and Apple Music Here

A few weeks back we had the amazing good fortune to check out the lead single “Entropy” We were blown away . Redshift ( Liam Fear, Vocals,Keyboard, Bass , Joshua Boniface,Guitar and Jack Camp,Drums) work like master artists crafting and sculpting musical perfection.

Laws of Entropy follows closely in the footsteps of the first record “‘Cataclysm”, a concept album exploring the journey through life from birth to death.

Recorded at Axe and Trap Studios in Wells with Ben Turner (Hey Colossus, Part Chimp) and Joshua Boniface, mixed and engineered by Ben Turner and mastered by Jamie King (Between The Buried And Me), Laws of Entropy is musically more extreme, more technical and more left field.

Redshift, have this incredible electrifying energy about them that is absolutely phenomenal. You can definitely feel the undeniable power energy of Redshift in jaw dropping opening track “Birth”

The second track “Discovery” is a beautifully woven track that features some of the most intricate guitar work we have heard in quite sometime. Redshift have this artful gift to use different vocal styles within one song, which really adds another dimension to the song.

Redshift, really flexes it’s musical muscle on “Civilisation” and it is magnificent. We are in absolute awe of this track .

“Entropy” the track that introduced us to wondrous music of Redshift . “Entropy” is Redshift at it’s absolute finest . We love the theatrics of “Entropy “ You can watch the amazing video for “Entropy” below

Speaking about the inspiration behind the album, the band state: “Being a young man with the world at your feet, thinking you can live the life you want and then realising it’s not as easy and giving into the struggles and pressures of life, suffering a mental breakdown, eventually asking for help and then dying. Each song is a step in this journey. The 21 minute closer deals with all these themes from start to finish.”

Redshift have given us such a musical gift with “The Laws Of Entropy” Do yourself and check this amazing album out , immediately.

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