SMITH Give Us An Amazing Version Of Victoria Williams Cult Classic “Crazy Mary “

“Crazy Mary “ was also covered by Pearl Jam as part of Sweet Relief : A Tribute To Victoria Williams

There are certain songs that just stick with you over the years , for “Crazy Mary “ is definitely one of those songs.

You can listen to “Crazy Mary” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

Grammy Nominated Artist/Producer/Writer SMITH is back with her amazing version of “Crazy Mary” a cover of the Victoria Williams cult classic that was made famous by Pearl Jam. When asked why she covered “Crazy MarySMITH says, “I covered “Crazy Mary” because I love it. It’s a brilliant song that does something to me every time I hear or sing it. Victoria Williams wrote a beautiful song and I’m grateful to her for this. Pearl Jam covered it years ago so I know there’s no need for improvement in my little version. I just wanted to record it because it’s a great song. It gets to me and almost always makes me cry. Cry with varied tears. Something about it felt familiar.

With over 75 million streams worldwide, SMITH is coming off a career year that saw her nominated for a Grammy as a writer/producer on the Jack Harlow album as well as becoming the only female artist to EVER have a Billboard Top 40 charting song at Alternative Radio (SCAB) and Urban Radio (PoppinThem Tags).

Despite all the success, SMITH has NEVER revealed her face or her identity. SMITH says, “The simple truth is, I hate seeing myself. I don’t know why, not exactly. Maybe it’s a disorder of some kind. Maybe it’s society and what I’m told a woman is to look like. Maybe it’s that it feels a little vain to me. Maybe it’s that I’m too vein. Maybe it’s a fear of people. Maybe image is a game I’m not equipped to play or keep up with. Maybe I’m afraid it’ll take something from the art vs. add to it. Maybe it’s my past. Maybe it’s my programming. Maybe I’m messed up and tomorrow it’ll all be different. It’s hard to know what might happen. Hopefully I won’t be this afraid forever. I just do what I can. The most important thing is the music. I live in service of the songs.

SMITH is absolutely flawless with her cover of “Crazy Mary” Do yourself a favor and check out this incredible song from an equally incredible and talented artist.

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