The Rupert Selection Gives Us An Epic New Video For “I Saw God “

We recently checked out the new video for “I Saw God” from Boston based alt-rock and psychedelic grunge band The Rupert Selection (guitarist and vocalist Reilly Somach,bassist Sam Bouvé and drummer Peter W. Bartash )

You can check out the video for “I Saw God “ below and you can listen to “I Saw God” on Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here

The Rupert Selection have a sound and vibe that washes over you and makes you feel connected to the music . “I Saw God “ from The Rupert Selection is simply an unforgettable experience from start to finish , and the video for “I Saw God “ only enhances that experience.

Photo by : Peter McManus

The video brilliantly shows the band in it’s natural habitat, which is up on stage performing. We could see and feel the energy from the band as they reach thunderous heights right before our very eyes… and it is beautiful

“I like the idea of keeping the interpretation of this one as vague and open-ended as possible,” admits guitarist and vocalist Reilly Somach, who penned the “I Saw God” lyrics. “Whatever the listener perceives as being God within the song, that’s what it is.” Reilly continues…

I Saw God’ is a continuation of us trying to evolve and push our creative boundaries, trying new
things and seeing how far our sound can go,” Somach says, before issuing a sort-of mantra that can
double for the the band’s overall creative vision: “Keep everything progressing, but keep it still familiar
enough to our roots.”

We have been playing the heck of the “I Saw God” video from The Rupert Selection, and we can’t wait for more music !

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