The Chelsea Curve Does It Again… Giving Us A Magnificent Video For “How Can I (Resist You) ? “

We don’t what we did to be so lucky . But… Not only did we get the better than great new single “How Can I (Resist You)?”from The Chelsea Curve…. We now have the hot off the presses new video for “How Can I (Resist You)?

You can listen to “How Can I ( Resist You )?” On Spotify Here and on Apple Music Here And now you can check out the new video for “How Can I ( Resist You )?” below via the YouTube channel of the good people at Red On Red Records

It is such a blast to watch The Chelsea Curve do their thing live , it’s a lot like watching a master painter work their magic on a blank canvas. The energy between Linda Pardee,bass and vocals, Tim Gillis, guitar and vocals and Ron Belanger,drums is absolutely electrifying (they could probably power a small town with all that energy)

Photo Credit – Joshua Pickering

And… in case your scoring at home ( and we know you are ) the video was edited by the band’s own Linda Pardee

So now not only can you hear and feel the cool vibes from The Chelsea Curve and their way cool single “How Can I (Resist You)?” You can now see the cool vibes as well with their new amazing video for “How Can I (Resist You )

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