Bradley Scott Malone- Shades Of Indigo

Bradley Scott Malone.

About the only complaint I have with Pittsburgh- based folk/americana artist Bradley Scott Malone’s E.P. “Shades Of Indigo” is that it is too short.

From the first note of “Shades of Indigo” and the last note of “California” it is drop dead perfect.

Bradley’s voice is like a weathered lighthouse beacon guiding listeners through 5 well crafted songs that rival tales spun by the likes of Prine and Dylan . Bradley is a master storyteller that weaves magic with each chord he strums.

Bradley’s life story has had many pages from his time in the U.S. Airforce to almost securing a major label deal in the 90’s . The up’s and downs of life are never easy but, Bradley Scott Malone has used his life’s experiences to deliver an absolute flawless collection of songs .

Shades Of Indigo makes it hard to pick a .standout track as all 5 are strong compositions that feel like a favorite pair of boots . Track 1 – “Shades of Indigo ” is a perfect example of Bradley being an artful and skilled story teller as he weaves a story that speaks to the heart. Track 2 – “Freckles” is an instant classic that transports you back to an easier time . Track 3 “Cinderella (Ain’t Got Nuthin’ on you)” plays like a tale you would hear round a late night fire with whiskey in your coffee. Track 4 “My name is Neville (Write it down) ” is a stunning track that struck a very personal chord with me being the son of a Vietnam veteran.

The closing track “California “ is a melodic triumph coupled with soothing vocals that flow like the open road.

Make sure you checkout Bradley Scott Malone’s masterpiece “Shades of Indigo”– It’s shades of greatness shine bright .

The Whole Kameese

One thought on “Bradley Scott Malone- Shades Of Indigo

  1. Bradley Scott Malone has so much talent and his music is refreshing and gives hope that there are still real artists out there


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