The Best Random Discovery – Texas King

True story – It’s Wednesday and I really should be doing a million other things but the internet is a funny thing . Some how I stumbled on to this band Texas King from London ON .

When you hear good music you know it instantly. Texas King has a sound and energy that is as big if not bigger than the state they are named after . I apologize if I sound frazzled but I wasn’t expecting this … not at 3:30 on a Wednesday.

So when I discover new music I set off on a quest to find out more so I did what any music obsessed person would do…. I starting googling as fast as I could .

I learned that the band formed in 2013 by front man Jordan Macdonald joined by guitarist Colin Gray Phil Spina on bass and Rob Shipway on drums .

They have a new EP coming in December 2021. The first song off the e.p. “Not Myself Today “ is a solid bold statement that everything is not ok . These guys have a tight sound that is of championship caliber. Macdonald’s voice is a beautiful instrument full of soul and strength.

I can’t wait to hear more from these guys they are most certainly a band ready for greatness.

The whole Kameese

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