Sunmates- “I’m Not Strong”

On the surface “I’m not Strong “ from Lexington KY . based Sunmates is a catchy synth pop tune with a great beat however, it is so much more .

“I’m Not strong “ grabs you with it’s catchy beat and well manicured sparkly melody but like an inspirational fortune cookie there is a well placed message that lives within the beat and melody.

Vocalist and guitarist John Wise wrote the song last summer with the murder of Breonna Taylor and the realities Covid 19 in the forefront of his mind . The song is an excellent example of using music to convey strong and important messages.

“Im not Strong “ is part of the upcoming E.P., II that the band plans to put with the first E..P to release as a full record.

John Wise ( Vocals and Guitars ) along with Shelby Watson ( Synth and Guitar ) Logan Todd ( Synth and Bass ) and Brandon Smith ( Drums and Vocals ) are poised to have a future as bright as their band name suggests.

Checkout “I’m not Strong” you will be glad you did .

The Whole Kameese.


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