The Longtooth Arcade – Sidetracked

The brilliantly titled album Sidetracked ( it was 10 years in the making ) by The Longtooth Arcade was definitely worth the wait .

Longtooth Arcade is the alter ego of Seattle based band leader Steve Horvath. Sidetracked is an energetic record that oozes greatness. You are greeted right out of the gate with Get Loose a track that transports you to a roadhouse with neon signs and cheap whiskey.

Like a perfectly selected jukebox the album zips and hums like a well tuned roadster on Route 66. On “I’m Going Upstairs “ you a treated to a vocal and melodic gem that is powerful performance that would bring any house down .

Track for track , pound for pound Sidetracked delivers the goods in every way be sure to check it out

The Whole Kameese

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