The Other Each Other – Glass Case – Album Review

If you are reading this chances are pretty good that you like music .It is also perhaps also true that you find music important , you have certain albums that you deem “Life changing”

The Other Each OtherGlass Case

When reviewing music you don’t always stumble upon an “important “ record. Today while reviewing The Other Each Other-“Glass Case ” I feel like my ear certainly heard an important record . What’s the fuss ??? The Other Each Other hailing from Seattle, does a stellar job of not sticking to one style the music is ever changing and evolving.

The opening track “We Have Eyes” is a hypnotic track that draws you in with pulsating melodies and attention grabbing vocals .

“Your needs” comes at you with a very danceable beat accompanied with vocals that almost command a call and answer response.

“Must” is a heavier track that has a bit of an industrial feel to it .

Remember when I said The Other Each Other doesn’t stick to one style ? “The Wind”is a perfect example of this as the track has a very refreshing Celtic folk feel to it definitely a highlight of the L.P.

Another shining star on a record that has many amazing moments is “Door at Final Days “ with funk like tones and catchy lyrics this a very well constructed track .

No Off” shows off very well placed guitar work that works up to a great and well placed groove.

“Heavy Reign and Severed Flooding “ is a a strong and powerful track that fits well with this collection of songs .

The final track “Grifters Do Time “ is an excellent change of pace that closes out the record in perfect fashion.

“Glass Case” is an important album that deserves to be explored do yourself a favor and get lost in its brilliance.

– The Whole Kameese

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