Jake Benjamin- “Broken Stars”

Jake Benjamin- Broken Stars the EP

We recently listened to Broken Stars the new E.P. by New York indie Pop artist Jake Benjamin. The five song collection will also be part of a full length L.P. Of the same name .

Upon first listen it is undeniably clear that Jake Benjamin is a vibrant splash of full colors in an otherwise mundane music scene.

Jake is not just a powerful voice but he also is a skillful storyteller that uses his songs as canvases of many colors and layers to tell his stories.

Pulling inspiration from everywhere including Hemingway, Van Gogh and his own experiences, Jake does a really exceptional job bringing many different themes to life .

The opening track “Hemmingway” is a splendid show stopping track that belongs on Broadway.

We may or may not still be humming along .

The next track “Under the Lights” featuring Elena Escudero is a well crafted tune that Jake not only draws from his time in Amsterdam but he also speaks of the life of Anne Frank . “Under the Lights ” also is a perfect example of Jake’s vocal mastery that adds a real shine to the track .

“Doncieux” (featuring Leland Nelson ) This dreamy and melodically track which is a great musical tribute to Claude Monet and his first wife Camille Doncieux . The track also shows the incredible musicianship of Leland Nelson who is simply brilliant with his 7-string bass work. The last two tracks “Heartfelt” featuring Jared Yee and “The Call ” are the shinning stars in this collection of songs . “Heartfelt” is exactly that – HEARTFELT – Jake shows us his whole heart and soul on this track and it is a beautiful composition that leaps out of the speakers and embraces your soul.

The closing track “The Call ” is a majestic piece that needs to be shared and experienced by all . It is a charge of positive energy that just seems to speak to you . “The Call” builds and with every note and verse it becomes and epic force that can not be dismissed .

Thank you Jake Benjamin for giving us such a thoughtful and wonderful collection of songs .


The Whole Kameese

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