Album Review: Harborcoat-“Joy Is Elusive”

We recently checked out the new Harborcoat LP “Joy is elusive ” and it did not disappoint.

Harborcoat which, began as a songwriting outlet for Mathew Carlson has crafted a collection of songs in “Joy is Elusive ” that resonate long after the final chord.

The album is solid top to bottom . “Always Better ” sets the tone of the record with the can’t miss recipe of smart lyrics mixed with pure melodic genius. If you can remember the lyrics and hum the melody you have a winner.

“Transit Town ” and “Go to Sleep ” both paint such strong imagery that it almost makes me wish they provided a short film to accompany the record.

The title track “Joy is Elusive” is a lyrical masterpiece with beautifully placed melodies . The song is a moving body of work that is clearly the gem of the album .

“Help Me out Somehow ” in my opinion belongs on every radio , stream service , and speaker available. It is a shining example of what good music should sound like.

All of the songs on “Joy is Elusive” are memorable and deserve to be heard over and over however, the one track that really stuck with me was “Tightrope Wire ” the greatest songs are the one’s that “Speak to us ” and I can whole heartedly say “Tightrope Wire ” did this for me .

The final track “Never Made it To Home ” is a delicate and tremendously beautiful song .

As a son of a veteran this song was extremely moving and a perfect choice to end such a great record .

Do yourself a favor and check out “Joy is Elusive” by Harborcoat you won’t regret it .

The Whole Kameese –

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